Sara Mitchell

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A seasoned business professional, I started my career in Africa in admin and financial roles, then, with a taste for business launched a hamburger chain (Steers -10 stores) under the Innscor Africa Umbrella, which we took public in 1998. Political and economic instability in early 2000’s led to a move with my family to Australia in 2003. Even with all my background and experience, I learned the hard way how difficult it is for small business in Australia to work in and on a business, when I took over a small cookie making business with a cafe. I also spent time working mainly in strategic marketing roles with independent IGA retailers and local Milko franchisee’s under the Aussie Farmers Direct banner. I am really passionate about community and respect and empathise with small business owners. At the end of the day to be successful in business you must know how to collaborate and engage within the community. In 2012, life changed for me after a brush with breast cancer, 18 months of treatment and figuring out what my purpose was; I realised I no longer fit the corporate mould, and wanted to make a difference and follow my heart and gut instinct by looking at new ways to solve problems for the community and small business. As a resident of Point Cook, I have experienced unabated housing growth, gridlocked commuters, bootstrapped micro business and under-resourced community champions and wondered how we could create our own solution. That thought process led to BizBuddyHub…which is, at it’s core, all about joining the dots, creating a local collaborative work space environment, providing cost effective resources (BizBuddy Associates) and tools for small business. The Hub will act as a head office for the post code, the community, local small business and a fantastic alternative for corporate employees to improve their work/life balance and work locally in their own postcode. Our BizBuddyHub is all about creating a strong, safe, vibrant and sustainable community model for now and for the future. We Live Local, We Work Local and We Love Local!– we would love you to join us.